How to find work, do business construction in Quebec Canada–Work Experience-Daniel Dargis

How to find #work, a #job or to #do #business in the #construction #industry in #Quebec #Canada–The local #Work #Experience by Daniel Dargis Engineer

Daniel Dargis Eng. explains the importance of having local Quebec business experience in order to obtain a first job.

In the first video Mr. Daniel Dargis Eng. explained the importance for #foreign #workers who want to find a job in Quebec, Canada to contact an immigration officer first and then the #CCQ at

In the second video, it is also recommended for workers, professionals and companies wishing to find a job or customers in Quebec, to work on their #MARKETING skills in order to advertize their experience, products and services.

But how do you obtain that first #practical #business #experience without getting a job?

This third video explains WHY Local Quebec Business Experience is so important and HOW to get it.

Here are the reasons:
1) In Quebec, the salaries are very high and it is therefore very expensive for a company to train an employee so that he or she is immediately productive and gives an immediate ROI to the company;

2) Construction in Quebec is very different from building abroad because of the:
a. Building techniques and the Building Code;
b. Construction Labour Code;
c. Materials used;
d. Work pace.
Companies are looking for employees who already know a minimum of these techniques, regulations and ways of working, and clients want experienced companies.
Mr. Daniel Dargis Eng. has created a specific way to acquire this first experience in business (WITHOUT WORKING) based on:

These are #unpaid #internships of #exploration trips to PREPARE job seekers and businesses through: #observation, #learning and #networking.
To learn more, watch the videos and read carefully all the texts on both of the following websites:
and :

See also trainee projects and testimonials on:
Facebook Online Advisor to do #business, #invest and #study in Quebec Canada.

Mr. Dargis does not offer a promise or guarantee of employment or business #success. However, he accompanies the workers, professionals and the companies of Quebec and those coming from abroad with long-distance meetings online or in the Montreal office, as an advisor, through the organization of exploration trips, unpaid internships, investment advice and business development services.
- Information before coming to Quebec with a list of organizations to contact;
- MARKETING advice for workers, professionals and businesses before coming to Quebec, Canada;
- Observation, learning and networking trips and #internships.

Mr. Daniel Dargis Eng. also offers his services as a speaker #abroad to groups of foreigners and #foreign #companies to better prepare their #travels, new #careers and #business #ventures in Quebec, Canada.

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