Here are a few videos with basic tips to well prepare a trip to Quebec, Canada with the aim of: finding a job, doing business, invest or study.

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The 5 steps to follow before coming to Quebec, Canada

1 The importance of the Immigration Officer and the CCQ

Video 1
For foreign visitors it is advisable to first contact an official immigration officer for Canada. Moreover, it is very important for foreign workers to contact the CCQ, i.e., the Quebec Construction Commission, in order to obtain their construction qualification, competency or skill cards in order to have the right to work in Quebec on construction sites.

2 The importance of Marketing

Video 2
Knowing how to introduce yourself and the tools to use to increase your chances of getting a job, in offering your products and services in business… The proper use of social media, business cards, website creation and development... are important tools when it comes to looking for a job or offering professional services, whether you are a construction worker, a professional or a business.

3 The importance of Local Work Experience

Video 3
Too many foreign workers or professionals from abroad think that having a diploma or experience in their country is enough to find a job in Quebec. This is not the case. Having basic business experience in Quebec plays a very important role in getting a first job. But, how to get this FIRST business experience? Daniel Dargis Eng. explains.

4 The Importance of Business Referrals

Video 4
In Quebec there are some marketing companies that specialize in finding work, projects and investment opportunities. They do this in exchange for commissions. These companies do all the marketing to attract clients, answer the phone and distribute clients to many workers, entrepreneurs, business people and investors. However, one must know how to find the right referral company.

5 The Importance of the value-adding Construction Business Centre

Video 5
The value-adding Construction Business Centre, in addition to offering standard rental or office sharing services, Internet, secretarial service etc. ..., also offers VIP-added services of customer search, expert advice in construction, mentoring, engineering and technical assistance, apprentice internships in businesses, and more. These unique value-adding services allow self-employed individuals and businesses to have a head start in order to establish themselves well in Quebec.


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