Advisor to do Business, Invest, Work and Study in Quebec, Canada

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Daniel Dargis P.Eng. is an impartial Canadian advisor and coach for local and foreign workers, professionals, businesspeople and international enterprises that want to come to the province of Quebec in Canada to settle down, to find work, do business, invest and study. All of this in relation with the construction industry and many other business sectors. Daniel Dargis, engineer, is also a Canadian general contractor in Quebec since 1989.

Whether you are a construction worker (mason, bricklayer, carpenter, plasterer...), a professional (an engineer, architect, drafter,...), a construction company (general contractor, supplier of material, exporter of material...), a real-estate investor (renovation of projects, new building constructions...) or another entrepreneur in startup, Daniel Dargis P.Eng. can assist you.

Advice and coaching are offered through international video conference calls, organization of business trips to Quebec Canada, guidance in your searches (for work, business, investment and study), analysis of project feasibility, share of office in Quebec and project management. There is no guarantee and no promises of work, business, investments or studies. These are services of impartial advice for international mobility, coaching, guidance, networking and of project management in the construction industry.