How to find work, do business in construction in Quebec Canada–Marketing-Daniel Dargis engineer

How to find work, employment or how to do business in the construction industry in Quebec Canada – Marketing - Daniel Dargis engineer

Daniel Dargis Eng. clarifies the importance of MARKETING - IMAGE BRANDING - COMMUNICATION as a second step to consider in order to find employment, i.e., a job as a construction worker or a construction professional, or to do business in Quebec Canada in the construction sector.
Nowadays MARKETING is essential, be it for a worker, a technician, an academic, an engineer, architect, cabinet maker, carpenter, bricklayer, mason, plasterer, plumber, electrician, ... OR as a company from a foreign country or even a local business.
Marketing is important for ALL types of workers or companies in the construction industry.
MARKETING must of course be in harmony with the local culture of the area you are targeting. Therefore, it is very important to have a MENTOR, a CONSULTANT, an ADVISOR in order to be well advised on the NEEDS and EXPECTATIONS of the employers or clients of the market that you target. It is a monumental mistake to think that all products and services in one country can be applied to another nation. Hence the importance of being well advised.
The era of CVs, resumes or flyer-pamphlets is long gone. Stop sending resumes and brochures in bulk. This technique offers very little efficiency. It has been a long time since we began to create websites, use Facebook and LinkedIn professional pages, feeding them with photos and especially videos.
So, here's what you should rather do:
1) Whether you are a job seeker or a company, you should immediately create a website or a professional LinkedIn and Facebook page (it's free!) with a nice daily project catalog with photos, videos of your projects or interesting projects or study topics if you are still studying, with little work experience;

2) Print a business card with your occupation or the title that you want to obtain and with contact information making you easy to reach in the country you are going to. Do not put your phone number in Algeria on it if you are looking for a job in Quebec, Canada. Employers are not going to call you abroad. Mr. Dargis has a great deal of experience in this area, having created several business cards for various services he offers himself in relation to the construction industry. You will benefit from his experience. It is also important to adapt your business card to local fashions and customs.

The business card now replaces the CV-resume because it is easy to keep and invites people to your website which is a lot prettier than a resume, with pictures, images, photos and videos that are much more interesting to look at.

It is however important to properly structure and adapt these project photos and videos to the needs of client EMPLOYERS (if you are job seekers) or the CLIENTS (for business) that you target.

The business card launches a sublime message that you are also offering your services PART-TIME which has the advantage of not putting pressure on an employer by asking for a full-time job. Because who says full-time job also says BIG pay or high salary that not all employers are always ready to provide at the start. This theme will be covered more in-depth in the 3rd video of: 3 - How to find employment, a job or do business in construction in Quebec Canada for workers or professionals ...

3) In addition, as an option, Mr. Daniel Dargis Eng. offers his coaching services as a mentor, consultant, impartial marketing advisor to all workers, professionals, entrepreneurs or companies wishing to come to Quebec. To search for a job, start a business, invest or study in Quebec. Mr. Dargis does not offer a promise or a guarantee of employment or business success. However, he helps to create and improve web pages, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He gives constructive advice and correctly informs foreigners in an impartial way on all the essential elements that must be taken into account to be successful in Quebec. These consultation services are done at the Montreal office or remotely via video conferences, personalized organized observation, learning and networking trips (without promises of employment). Mr. Daniel Dargis Eng. also offers his services as a speaker abroad for groups of foreigners and foreign companies to help them better prepare their travels, new careers and business ventures in Quebec, Canada.

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