Precautions, verifications, advice before choosing RBQ contractor in Quebec Daniel Dargis engineer


I am Daniel Dargis, engineer, general contractor and impartial construction advisor.

Today I want to talk to you about the theme:
Precautions, verifications and tips to be taken into consideration before choosing a construction contractor in Quebec.
I mention QUEBEC because some points are specifically addressed to the Province of Quebec.

So, before choosing a building contractor, or even before starting the work, certain precautions and checks should be taken into consideration.
I will divide my recommendations into 2 categories… of advice:
A - Entrepreneur's side
B – Client’s side

A) For the contractor-entrepreneur… how to thoroughly check an entrepreneur at 360 degrees;
B) For the client… how to prepare yourself well before choosing a contractor-entrepreneur.

Let us first look at the CONTRACTOR-ENTREPRENEUR, 8 points to thoroughly check an entrepreneur at 360 degrees:
1 - Checking the contractor’s RBQ license
Check the contractor's RBQ license (RBQ stands for Régie du Bâtiment in Quebec) in accordance with the type of construction work you need to be done. Be aware that there are several types of RBQ licenses that refer to different types of work. For more information, contact the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec directly, mentioning the contractor's license;

2 - Checking the contractor's references
Check the contractor's references. Contact the contractor's former clients personally to find out how satisfied they are. It is useful to know the good and the bad sides of the contractor and his work;

3 - Checking eventual legal action
Check with a lawyer if the contractor has been prosecuted in the past and for what types of misdemeanour. This is very important to get to know him better;

4 - Check the business' capital and its assets
Check the business' capital and its assets as well as those of the entrepreneur personally in the event of a lawsuit and poor workmanship. Too often contractor-entrepreneurs leave only a small business operating capital, then close and open a new business, and in lawsuits, although clients win their cases, there is almost nothing left in the business for compensation. You can discuss with your lawyer how to include in your contract with the entrepreneur-contractor a reserve amount of security deposit in the event of an appeal or by other means;

5 - Checking the behaviour
Check the behaviour of the entrepreneur-contractor during your meetings and conversations: his punctuality, attire and composure, the appearance of the truck he is driving and his equipment. Does he keep his word? The appearance of the documents he presents to you (business cards, contracts, etc.);

6 - Checking the broken-down price
Check the broken-down price list (with details) according to building laws in Quebec. Especially if there are large discrepancies between the contractor's price and the other bidders.

7 - Checking the contract
Analyze the contract with a lawyer AND with an impartial construction expert and ALWAYS with a professional who has strong technical experience on construction sites and with building laws in Quebec. Also keep in mind: payment methods, inspections planned during the works, by whom, termination of contracts and clauses ... and other important contractual matters;

8 - Checking the plans and specifications
Last but not least, of course, check the plans and specifications, especially if the contractor is also leading the design and proposing the plans. Check with an engineer or any other impartial EXPERIENCED expert. It is very important that the impartial professional has a strong practical experience on construction sites.

Conclusion :
It is therefore very important to:
1- Check the contractor 360 degrees with the 8 points I have mentioned;
2- Prepare yourself well, by learning about construction techniques through books or training, and ESPECIALLY by being accompanied by an impartial construction expert WITH a THOROUGH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE on CONSTRUCTION SITES in order to be properly advised and protected during all stages of the project.

This was my presentation on: Precautions, Checks and Advice to be taken into consideration before choosing a construction contractor
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