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Do you want to invest in Quebec, Canada?

In order to better know our services and better guide you in your real estate investments in Quebec, Canada, you only have to carefully watch the video right here, and then fill out and submit the form on this page. This is necessary for us to better understand your goals and analyze if you qualify for a first free 10-minute video conference interview. It is possible to have access to consultations by paying the fees on appointment. See the APPOINTMENT PAGE .

Mr. Daniel Dargis, Eng., is not an immigration officer; he is not a lawyer, or a real-estate broker. He is a Quebec engineer, general contractor since 1989, and he acts as an impartial advisor in order to give advice and provide tools for you to be better prepared to come to Quebec, Canada for study, work, business and investment projects.

  • We do not issue invitation letters.
  • We do not offer work, jobs or employments.
  • We do not offer promises or guarantees of work.

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A - Basic preliminary questions

1. Do you need an invitation letter to come to Canada?

2. Following the free 10-minute interview, are you able to pay the fees of $350-550/hour for advance consultations by PayPal or at the office in Montreal?

3. How many months can you support yourself without working in Quebec, Canada during your business or investment projects?

4. What is the amount of your investment capital?

$ .00

5. Describe in a few words your needs, what you want in the short, medium and long term and the person or experts you are looking for.

6. Do you have a computer, HIGH-SPEED Internet and a video camera in a QUIET location, at home and at work to access an advisory conference call with Mr. Daniel Dargis, Eng.?

7. The offices of Construction Daniel Dargis, Eng., in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, being open from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday, do you have the possibility, given the time difference, to access a video conference call in this time-period?

B - General personal information

11. Do you have a driver’s licence?

C - Professional and business information

2. Are you the sole owner?

3. Do you have children or a family?

4. Do you already have a professional diploma in your country?

6. Do you want to invest for purposes of immigration?

9. Do you need a local loan to finance your investments?

10. Do you know the NBC National Building Code in Quebec?

11. Do you know that to have the right to carry the title of engineer or architect or to work in Quebec as an engineer or architect you must be a member of the OIQ (Corporation of Engineers) or the OAQ (Corporation of Architects) in Quebec?

12. Do you know the labour laws in the construction sector in Quebec, Canada?

13. Do you know any lawyers specializing in construction laws in Quebec?

14. Do you know the organizations and government institutions related to the construction sector that give information and grant work skills authorizations in Quebec, Canada?

15. Do you have the financial capacity to make several visit exploration trips before investing, doing business or finding a job in Quebec and obtaining the necessary documents and certifications in Quebec?

16. Have you already visited Montreal, Quebec or Canada?

17. Have you already consulted an immigration officer or a trusted immigration lawyer to come on a business trip to Quebec, Canada?

18. Do you know an immigration lawyer or officer in Canada?

$ .00

21. Does your investment plan include the need for an investor partner in Quebec?

23. Have you checked if you need an invitation letter to come on an EXPLORATION trip to invest in Quebec?

24. Do you know that Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. offers impartial support in the search and feasibility of investment projects?

D. Short, medium and long-term life and investment plan

2. Have you already developed a business plan for Quebec ... necessary investment capital, marketing strategy, business contacts, market knowledge, innovation ideas, your competitors?

3. Do you plan to learn French and English perfectly in order to improve your investment opportunities and facilitate your business exchanges in Quebec?

3.1 What are you going to do to become proficient in these 2 languages?

4. Do you plan to live and do business in Quebec?

5. Do you know an expert advisor in business development to guide you in starting your business ... your website, representation, general information, references and contacts...? Would such a counselor be useful to you?

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